In Picu Xiana Mastiffs we are committed to the race, try to breed healthy dogs first, rustic, relevant functional ancestral type and livestock. To do this we will use all the science and technology that is in our hands, incorporating all the advances that help us to improve the health of our animals.
We also want to ensure the genealogy of our puppies and so we analyzed the genotype of all our players, so any puppy can with a simple genetic analysis ferazmente prove their ancestry.
All genetic testing done to our dogs as well as the results of plates hips, make public on our website.
Blood incorporated in Xiana Picu, through external stallions, from the best breeders have kennel or not, whether dogs or genealogy pedrigree unknown breeders as Gregorio Fidalgo (Abelgas) Moncó (Filandón) Luisma (Piscardos) or Eloy Presa, Celso de Cabornera etc ...
We are open to collaborations with other breeders and breed associations to promote Spanish Mastiff prioritizing the health and functional ancestral type.